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🎧 Adam Lambert is recording new music at Pink Satellite Recording Studios in Joshua Tree CA February 22, 2017

Sarah Hudson, singer, songwriter and old friend of Adam posted an Instagram story of Adam Lambert recording February 22nd, plus other stories from the studio. 
Peter Dyer, Adam's keyboard player and musical director for his The Original High Tour posted an Instagram from Joshua Tree.  Pink Satellite Studios matches Sarah's video and was co-founded by Spike Edney, Queen's keyboard player.

 πŸŽ§ Adam Lambert is recording at 
🌡 Pink Satellite Recording Studios
 in Joshua Tree CA. GIF edit



πŸ’– Wicked Hot Adam Lambert

 πŸ˜› I didn't recognize Ferras cooking!

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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Discovering China 40 Years of Queen - Weibo Blog by Queen_ηš‡εŽδΉι˜Ÿ translated by Google Translate

What kind of crooked nuts is the real international friends - Discovering China 40 years of Queen
Queen_ Queen 2016-09-15 23:07:26 Report
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When the real international friends, not his mouth shouting I love China waving red flag cool Shuashuai, various privately contemptuous prejudice, nor is normally no reason to be indifferent or even hostile to prick, to sell products to earn heavenly silver each species kneel lick. Truly international friends for decades, even in distant lands will silently concern you, seek the opportunity to meet with you, even if rejected, even if not directly get in touch with you, too far for you to enjoy, even to the seventy years of age have to fight every effort to see you, for your dedication everything about them.
About to bring American Idol heartthrob - Adam Lambert concert in Shanghai to British national treasure Band - Queen (Queen) is our true friend. Queen, formally established in 1971, has four members: vocalist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Deacon. Chinese fans affectionately call them tooth t, Mr. Boey, flower and sparkling. Jun below home as we sort out what these 40 years several international friends how to chase Chinese dream show, how silently support us in case we know nothing of.
Queen's debut three years in the third album, Sheer Heart Attack, a collection so that they finally hit it big classic song Killer Queen. Golden song sounds beautiful but also with classical glamorous range of children have to make our fans very excited about this one:
Met a man from China
Went down to Geisha Minah
From that time, this great band began to dream of China.
Baidu bar where Queen "Queen and China," the post mentioned:
"With 80 years after Queen worldwide tour was a great success, the conquest of South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, a large audience, they naturally think of those socialist countries .Queen harder to break is ambitious, they really want to put their music spread to every corner of the world. but from another perspective, they are very open to the idea of ​​the absolute in the West, it is very tolerant. they can get rid of all secular prejudices, even Governments around the barrier, in order to allow all the different races, people of different faiths are able to listen to music, be happy, forget hatred, infamy at the back to open the concert. (Concerts are examples of Argentina and South Africa), so in 86 years they came to the camp of socialist countries in Eastern Europe, became one of the first so-called "iron curtain" behind the sounds of western band. (Do not forget that, although the full game, and their actual concert and did not earn much money) . "
"Freddie said in an interview in the 1980s, he has repeatedly said that he wanted to sing most of the place is" Russia and China "."
Home monarch ever seen or heard of these interviews, but unfortunately it is difficult to find them.Every time Freddie mentioned China when the total people very regrettable, because in 1985 they really almost came to China. "Queen and China" mentioned:
"1985 Queen plans to begin to come to China concert however was responsible for advocacy and liaison with the Chinese guy bent on George Michael's Wham into the Chinese market has become the leader. So he carefully prepared the two publicity book - in a illustration is Freddie on stage, dressed in the most bizarre, the most crazy behavior, which description is the culmination of rendering exaggeration, while the other set is all George Michael audience photos, selected all sat , dressed decent middle-class image. Predictably, the Chinese side of course, choose the mighty. so there will be a mighty substituted Queen 85 Chinese concert. "
In fact, George Michael is super pink Queen, Queen quite like him. . . .
Principals and flower mentioned in a recent interview, when China, the culture of which we do not need.
in 1989
1989 Queen out an album called The Miracle. The CD version of the album (CD album regarded as the earliest history) the last one is the principal music a Chinese Torture (waterboarding, not China XX). That song caused a lot of misunderstanding in the fans. A lot of people think that 89 years associated with an event, the results greatly wronged Queen.
Chinese Torture this song first appeared in the last few games in 1986 Magic tour as president of the guitar solo part, included in the last album, The Miracle May 22, 1989 issue of.
Please keep their eyes open to see the point in time.
Unfortunately, this year due to AIDS tooth t die, sparkling too sad, Exit entertainment, only two plum struggling continuation of the legendary Queen. Queen, as a whole, China's dream could not be realized.
In the case of China this Far Eastern country without consciousness, but in principal this year, as an astronomer, first set foot on Chinese soil, observing total solar eclipse, and then created a China Belle, included in his 1998 released solo album "Another World" in. Recently principals in the "China Daily" and other domestic media interview, revealed this unforgettable experience.
However, he was more detailed description of the trip as early as 2004 in reply to the users @Belle_Queenie:
"Actually, I had a few years to go to Beijing, Inner Mongolia, observing total solar eclipse ... and then go sit on the outskirts of Beijing through the bus, I saw a lot of beautiful Chinese girl, I could not help but play a naive fantasy and mystery Westerners I romance Chinese girls. most rock songs inspired by the United States, such as Kansas City, for example, Chicago and so on, but at this moment, but suddenly there is a write a description of Beijing 'cowboy Town' in a Chinese girl with a desire to help fool the West boy's story. so this song on the coach brewing success. I had a great time this trip, I hope one day I will come back. "
Visible, this scientific expedition to China, let the Dr. celestial physics left good memories.
21th century
2000 is over, the tide of the Internet has finally swept the world. Our life has undergone tremendous changes, Queen's music is also popular in the country quietly. Plum 21st century, whether in a separate interview, or later when the team with Paul Rodgers tour, all of the Chinese obsession. In some interviews, Plum have repeatedly said the Queen then conquered the world, is not able to conquer China. Home Jun swear read these interviews, just can not find it.
In contrast with the principal, not a flower like on social media exposed persons (official website has just put a long-term according to Zhang Shuai and stars), with plum interview, he also said that the flower is always hiding behind the principal, headmaster let his utterance. We have seen the interview, the majority of principals and principals often express their views in all kinds of social media, to interact with the fans, but some parts of the flower and is clearly representative of the band's attitude.
Concerned about China's AIDS epidemic
After the death of the tooth t, brokers and other members of the band set up a charitable fund to fight AIDS Mercury Phoenix Trust. Since then, the Queen has been committed to the global AIDS prevention and control activities. They knew nothing in our case, we have been concerned about China's AIDS epidemic, in many interviews on AIDS in China are mentioned.
2003 Plum Mandela as anti-AIDS movement Ambassador 46664, 46664 organized the first anti-AIDS charity concert, in an interview, Flower said: the AIDS epidemic is not just China or South Africa's problems
2004 @Belle_Queenie principals to reply when, in the case of a letter does not mention AIDS, offered to hope to do something for China's AIDS prevention and control actions:
If this is not international friends. . . .
President both in his official blog, or interact privately with Chinese fans in every moment does not exhibit significant individual attention to the band to China, yearning and friendship:
In 2002, "New York Times" reported on the Chinese Ministry of Culture officials to learn from Broadway, also placed in the principal's official website. That year, the band has just released the Queen rock musical We Will Rock You.
In 2004, the principal in reply to users @Belle_Queenie wrote:
"To be honest I can only write understanding of China in the back of a postage stamp! (I'm not proud of it !!) .... Inner Mongolia observing total solar eclipse I saw only a little bit of Chinese, and only . as a tourist because I want to be able to work from China! - to perform music, but I do not know Chinese fans So there is no queen received you letter from a Chinese friend .... I am very happy. "
2008 s Wenchuan earthquake, the principal at the time of receipt of the main bar Baidu Bar @ Queen tour @ Ying and large stones on the earthquake letter, wrote a touching letter to China's express my deep sympathy to the affected people, and with the consent of the two friends, and reply to a letter published on the official website.
The principal said, because you know me, I think I know you, so do not think China is so far away.If possible, I want your letter published on the official website, hoping to touch me touch like other readers, to see if we can help you. I will pray for you.

After watching the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games opening and closing ceremonies, the principal on the official blog much appreciated, said the Chinese people are most at organizing this show activity. Unfortunately, these home-jun did not survive.
End of July 2009, a large area of ​​China total solar eclipse, but the president did not come to China to watch. But when he received @Belle_Queen and swim @ Ying sent a total solar eclipse photos are very happy, but has also expressed his thanks. When the consent of the tour @ Ying sent a photo posted on the official website proudly said, "This is my Chinese friend sent a total solar eclipse pictures!"
Also in 2009, the Queen @ large stone bar duet Friends No One But You (Only The Good Die Young) grants the president received the principal excited Re: Great project, Chinese friends! I feel very honored!
In 2011, it posted it to the principal at the Friends @nowheremansq wrote in reply: I'm sorry can not come to China, the most glorious time in the band not to come to China, that China does not need us on culture, and now it is difficult tour. Also referred to as astronomers once again to Beijing to watch the solar eclipse through a very beautiful, but also the future can show Chinese official to throw some hope. And every time the same reply, very grateful Queen's principal work has been appreciation in China.
In 2012, a Canadian fan letter to the principal, said the Government has gone back in Toronto does not prohibit shark fin, considered the Chinese community which led to obstruction, as the principal conservationists said, I believe that the Chinese are not all think so, definitely the impact of the economic interests of related parties.
After 2013 Chang E III lunar rabbit will drive the success of the moon, as the principal astrophysics Dr. excitedly congratulated Chinese official Bo, complicated by the CCTV broadcast link:
More than just home-jun know.
However, this information alone, do not prove that they are truly our international friends do?
September 26, 2016 Shanghai, Hong Kong, September 28, September 19, Taipei, and finally Queen - Adam Lambert coming on tour.
Today, the Queen, the two remaining plum. Two old has nearly seventy years of age, a perennial physically weak, suffering from back problems two years ago, has just replaced one knee; (?) Another bad eyesight due to glaucoma surgery done, and in recent years has ears deaf, hearing aids need to use all year round. Even so, they did not give up my grandfather to Chinese audiences for the most exciting performances of the greatest dreams - they do it for the money, fame and wealth to do? Just a We Will Rock You, We Are The Champions Bohemian Rhapsody or let them go down in history need to worry. They seek, perhaps share of rock immortality, eternal spirit of music, would bring joy and dreams of people around the world, would make the world full of peace and love, obsession, and unable to perform with two other teammates Like China's yearning and love.
Plum finally put two recent photos wearing Chinese style clothing.
For such international friends, we certainly should be reported in the most warm welcome.
See the site!
Source: 发布了倴村文章:《δ»€δΉˆζ ·ηš„ζ­ͺζžœδ»ζ‰ζ˜―ηœŸζ­£ηš„ε›½ι™…ε‹δΊΊ—ζƒ…θΏ·δΈ­ε›½40ε€šεΉ΄ηš„ηš‡εŽδΉι˜Ÿ》
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"Broken" Lyrics + Pics & GIFS - Tritonal & Jenaux Released Aug 12, 2016 - Vocals by Adam Lambert


Lyric video via Proximity. "Broken" via Enhanced Music. Tritonal's debut studio album “Painting With Dreams“, due September 9th, can be preordered now.

@Tritonal   @JenauxMusic  @adamlambert

Tritonal & Jenaux
Vocals by Adam Lambert 
released August 12, 2016

Before I met you I would have said I’m fine
If you asked, if you asked, if you asked me
And then you gave that word another life
And you got, and you got, and you got me

I wore the pain on my face
Hoping someday it would fade
You know how to wash it away
Oh you do it
I wear the smile that you gave me
Won’t take it off if you paid me
I wouldn’t say that you saved me
But the truth is

Right when we met
You made me forget
That my heart was ever
Bro- broken
Looking at me
You wouldn't believe
That my heart was ever
Bro- broken

Before I met you I wouldn't sleep alone
But it felt, but it felt, but it felt like it
I moved my body, but my chest was stone
Couldn’t break, couldn’t break, couldn’t break it

I wore the pain on my face
Hoping someday it would fade
You know how to wash it away
Oh you do it
I wear the smile that you gave me
Won’t take it off if you paid me
I wouldn’t say that you saved me
But the truth is

Right when we met
You made me forget
That my heart was ever
Bro- broken
Looking at me
You wouldn't believe
That my heart was ever
Bro- broken

Only you can make me forget
that my heart's been broke
You got me feeling like

Only you can make me forget
that my heart was ever broken

Bro- broken

Right when we met
You made me forget
That my heart was ever
Bro- broken
Looking at me
You wouldn't believe
That my heart was ever
Bro- broken

Download Broken Extended Mix 4:21 at BeatPort 

Purchase: Amazon and iTunes
Now on Google Play & SpotifyHERE

Art by  @creativesharka

Art by  @Ani_GLAMBERT

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"CAN'T GO HOME" LYRICS Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn - Vocals by Adam Lambert

Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn - Can't Go Home Ft. Adam Lambert [Official Audio, extended version]

steveaok i#aokijump #679. The Aoki X @adamlambert #cantgohome Jump. @dimmak studio. Downtown Los Angeles CA. February 17, 2016. @aokijumpseries 


Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn "Can't Go Home" featuring Adam Lambert on vocals

Unofficial Lyrics
Can't go home tonight til I work it out
with you

Standing on the edge of something we can't afford
to lose

You say you wanna leave, wanna leave
Got my heart on a string behind you
We are locked without a key, out a key
and I'm just trying to get through

When the bed's half-made and the light's blown out,
we can build our fate over hollow ground

Open up the cage, let the birds fly out
'cause we can't go this

'cause we can't go home like this

I wanna fall down the kaleidoscope with you
We gotta fix up the hearts we broke
before we do

You say you wanna leave wanna leave
well I'm just trying to get through

When the bed's half-made and the light's blown out,
we can build our fate over hollow ground

Open up the cage, let the birds fly out
'cause we can't go home like this

No, we can't go home like this, yeah

No, we can't go home like this

Can't go home like this

like this

can't go home like this (repeat)

1080p EDIT Steve Aoki talks about Adam Lambert and "Can't Go Home" GRAMMY Pro Interview at Miami Music Week 2016 

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